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Account and/or subscription | Activate

How do I activate my Bookie subscription?

All subscriptions at The Bookie work in conjunction with The Bookie Webapp. 

Get started in five easy steps

  1. Create a free account at and log in.
  2. In the top right corner you will see the button 'Upgrade', click on it.
  3. Select a subscription that matches your expected annual sales and click Plus if you want us to process your expenses. [This is an extra module. You pay additional for the amount of expenses we process for you. 
  4. Scroll down and click 'Change subscription
  5. With your first iDeal payment you authorize us to debit the amount monthly.

As soon as we have received your payment, you will receive a welcome e-mail with extra information.

PLEASE NOTE: make sure that your personal and company data are completely filled out. Without your full name, date of birth, BSN, KVK, VAT-ID and OB-number we cannot register with the tax authorities as your tax consultant.
This means we cannot file your tax return or apply for a tax deferral.

Try The Bookie Webapp for free

Not sure yet if you want to become a client or just want to see what the program looks like? Then create a free basic account. With this free version you can create and send invoices and book your expenses.
Still not entirely convinced? Feel free to schedule an introductory meeting.

What are the costs of a Bookie Subscription and which services do you provide?

What are the rates of a subscription and how does it work?

Our subscriptions cost in 2022 excl. 21% VAT*.

The rates are linked to your annual turnover and based on a full financial year (from January 1 to December 31). Regardless of whether you start with us in January or November. We check your entire administration, VAT declarations, prepare the annual figures and do your personal income tax return (if necessary with payroll of that financial year). 

Monthly downpayment and annual total

Depending on your subscription, every month € 66.55 or € 78.65 (incl VAT) is automatically debited. Your invoice is automatically listed with your Expenses in The Bookie Webapp. This is partly an advance payment on the annual accounts and income tax return that will be done after the end of the fiscal year. You pay a fixed subscription price based on your annual turnover at the end of the year.

Additional invoice

In some cases, you will receive a separate or additional invoice after we have completed your income tax return. Read in detail about the situations in which we invoice (extra or outside the subscription) here.

1. No subscription in the financial year - You only started your subscription in 2022. Because of this, your Income Tax return 2021 is based on an hourly rate. This is €95 ex VAT per hour.

2. Became a customer during the financial year - You started your subscription after January, so you have not yet paid the full annual amount. 

3. Not the right subscription - You had chosen a subscription that belonged to a lower turnover and have (unexpectedly) performed better.

4. The Bookie Plus subscription - You have chosen to let us process your receipts. This Plus subscription is based on your expenses. These payments are made through our credit system. You pay €65 per batch of 50 expenses.

5. Urgent - You need your financial statements or tax returns quickly or missed our deadline. 

6. Activities outside the subscription - These are exceptional, often one-off activities that do not fall within the subscription, such as M-Form, additional credit regulation, interim annual figures and forecasts. Read all the exceptions here.


The Bookie | Manual subscription

You’re a customer at The Bookie. How does that work?


In short: it's super simple, provided you have read this manual. This contains the many accounting tools of our system and answers frequently asked questions. Since you are probably not waiting for a wall of text, we will add some nice pictures. 

wink*, your Bookies.

What we do within your subscription

The Bookie is an all-in accounting solution. In Dutch ánd in English. You can easily keep track of your sales and expenses in The Bookie Webapp, but every time contact is needed with the Tax Authorities regarding your business, The Bookie is there to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. This means your VAT returns, the preparation of your annual statements, your income tax return and short questions fall within the Starter, ZZP and Ondernemer subscriptions. We will email you if everytime we expect something from you. So if you read our mails and do 'your tasks', all will be fine. Of course, your own vigilance is recommended as your company changes and you as an entrepreneur always remain responsible! Activate your subscription here.

Extra options

The subscription price is only valid in combination with the use of The Bookie Webapp and concerns the regular activities with regard to a well-kept administration.

Do you have a more complex question or are you looking for more extensive financial advice about investments, a mortgage or do you work with different software? Then you can directly schedule a longer paid consultation (online or offline) at a time that suits you. Do you keep all or part of your administration in another program? Then we handle your custom administration in a way you want and charge an hourly rate. Read here how that works. Costs for this are € 75 ex VAT per hour.

The Bookie Webapp

This is where your entire administration is registered. You can send your invoices and keep your expenses updated in The Bookie Webapp. Before you start working enthusiastically, please do follow the ‘tour’ to get an idea of the various options. Then update the details of your company (top left). To read where and how you update your settings: click here.

Read what should be done, if you subscribed during a financial year. 


You make, send and remind your clients of your invoices on one spot. Your invoices can be paid with iDeal as well, by connecting your Bookie account to a Mollie Account. Under the tab Income you can read more about invoices, other income, credits and so on. 


With the mobile app Bookie Bonnen you can add pictures of receipts in no-time to your business expenses. Read here how that works. Have you received invoices via e-mail or can they be found online? Read here how to drag and add those digital expenses to your computer.

Under the tab Expenses you can also read more about car costs, foreign costs, transfer, costs and much more.



The Bookie Services

VAT Tax Returns - every 3 months

As a customer of The Bookie, you do not have to submit your quarterly returns (also known as sales or VAT returns), but your Bookie does that for you*. You are expected to send your invoices and upload expenses complete with a receipt or invoice and link it to a section. You will receive the first quarterly reminder a week before the end of the quarter. In any case, update your administration before the 8th of the first month of the new quarter so that we have enough time to check your administration and submit your tax return.

The deadlines are: April 8th, July 8th, October 8th and January 8th. Read here how the process works.

When all income and expenses are completely registered in your administration, press the “Process” button on your Dashboard that appears after the relevant quarter has finished. We now check and correct your administration and submit your VAT declaration. You will receive an e-mail from us with your declaration stating the account number of the Tax Authorities, what you have to pay (or receive back) and your payment reference. This payment must be received on the account number of the Tax Authorities before the 1st. Can't make it before the 8th? Please let us know, it could be that you'll submit your own declaration and send us the pdf.

Based on your administration and corrections that we do, we may give you tips on how to prevent errors and receive more benefits. This way you get to know your administration better and together we prevent errors in the future.

* Don't you have to file a VAT return quarterly but once a year? Please let us know.

Annual reports and income tax return

At the end of the year we will make (a draft of) your annual report and we will do your income tax return. To do this we need additional information. This includes your bank statements, annual statements or other documents. You deliver this with the button  “Start income tax return”. Using this checklist makes sure that we won’t forget anything. It will give us a complete picture of the situation.

After you have completed the checklist and supplied most of the documents, you can schedule a 15-minute appointment with your Bookie to ask additional questions or provide explanations by telephone or online. Read here how it works and plan it immediately via the link.

We aim to send you a draft of your annual reports within three months after you filled in the ‘Start Income Tax’-form and sent us every document we need.  Only after you agreed, we’ll file the income tax return. 

De Belastingdienst (Tax Autorities)


In order to submit your return, we request an authorization that you have to forward to us. We’ll always keep you informed when we expect something from you, but of course your own attention is also recommended. Read what these permissions entail and how you send them.

Postponement and prologued postponement

As you might understand it is impossible to finish all our customers tax returns before May 1st. We will always request posponement for filing your income tax return. If you have worked in The Bookie Webapp during the financial year, we recommend that you immediately follow the IB checklist in February and supply the needed information.The processing time is three months, but we try to submit your IB declaration before 1 May. An advantage of this is that you do not have to pay tax interest, provided that the administration was complete and therefore no deviation is found by the tax authorities. A disadvantage is that you also have to pay your income tax quickly.

If you do not request a postponement and do not submit the declaration on time, you run the risk of a fine and a high income tax assessment. However, it applies: whoever first completes the form and submits his documents will be the first in line. The postponement gives us a postponement until September 1st and can only be extended until May 1st of the following year if the entrepreneur has previously submitted all declarations in time. However, you cannot assume this.

Do you also have a tax partner and do you want us to file his/her tax return? Inform your Bookie before May 1st. We will then also request a potponement for him/her. Read below how this works.


We offer the all-in package in a subscription form. In 2019 the most used subscription (ZZP subscription) costs € 480 excl. 21% VAT per financial year with a revenue up to € 60,000. Choose the right plan that matches your revenue. Depending on the type of subscription, after your first payment with iDeal, € 30, - € 40, or € 50, - excluding VAT, will be deducted automatically each month. You can find the invoices for these debits via your Account at the top right under Subscription.

Annual total amount

The monthly payments are a down payment on the annual statement and income tax return that is done after the end of the financial year. In case you started working with us during the year, you will receive an additional invoice at the end of the year for the terms that you have not yet paid. At the end of the financial year your subscription will be corrected and invoiced based on the actual revenue.

Change subscription

We have three subscriptions. Does your revenue turn out different than expected? Then easily convert your subscription to higher or lower rate under ‘Account’.

Tax partner? Let us know!

Your subscription does not include to your tax partners tax return. However, we'd love to do the joint declaration with an employed partner. In this case, please tick "tax partner" in The Bookie Webapp and provide the required information so that we can request authorization and postponement for him/her in a timely manner.

The extra costs for a joint tax return with an employed tax partner are € 75 per year excluding VAT.


Additional costs

Do you want your annual documents or declaration faster than three months? Then we schedule extra hours and we charge 25% of your annual subscription extra.

The subscription fee is based on an entrepreneur gaining income and owning property in The Netherlands. If your administration and tax return requires special forms to be filed at Belastingdienst (regarding foreign property or income, heritage, migration, partners) extra costs can be charged.

Start working with The Bookie Webapp: to do's

What should I do if I take out a subscription with The Bookie during the financial year?

All personal and company information in The Bookie Webapp

If you take out a subscription with The Bookie during the course of the financial year, you may have already processed part of your administration in Excel or another accounting program. To ensure that we can check everything properly, it is important that we have all the invoices you've made and all business costs sent to you. That is why we ask you to include both your invoices and your expenses in our program. Then we can submit your remaining VAT returns for a fixed annual amount and check the previous VAT returns to then prepare your annual documents and submit your IB declaration. Read below what you should do and especially how.

Personal settings

Make sure that you enter the details of both yourself and your tax partner immediately. Read here how. Then we will immediately report to the Tax Authorities as soon as you become a customer and we will request the correct authorizations.

Import all invoices already sent from this financial year

First enter all invoices already sent in the Web app. Read here how. Please note that invoice numbers and the date have been correctly copied. The invoice date and not the payment date is the guiding principle. Invoices are automatically sent to the correct quarter, provided that the date falls within that quarter. Invoice numbers must consist of at least 5 digits.

Enter all receipts and invoices for expenses for this financial year

You can add expenses in two ways, from your computer and with the handy mobile app Bookie Bonnen. Read here how. Please note: the book number is the chronology in your administration and not the book number or invoice number that is on the receipt. You enter all proofs of expenditure individually with the date in the correct quarter that you included this voucher in the tax return.

Click 'Updated' for quarters

After everything has been entered you can click on 'Updated' on your Dashboard in the lower right corner of the relevant quarters. Read here how this works. Do you become a customer during a VAT return month (January, April, July and October)? Then make sure you click on 'Updated' before the 8th. Then we do your VAT return. Will you become a customer later in the month or have you not yet arrived at entering income and expenses? Then submit a VAT declaration yourself and send us the pdf of your declaration. Then we check this at the end of the year.

The Bookie Cost | Other non-subscription services

What are the costs for work outside of the subscription?

In all cases listed below, you can engage The Bookie. You will receive an invoice after we have completed our work.

Work per hour: € 95 ex vat 

We have a fixed hourly rate. If you didn't have a subscription for a financial year or you ask for extra work, we'll charge €95 ex VAT per hour. 

We cannot make an estimate for this in advance, as it depends on the size of your administration, your personal situation, the way in which information is provided and how easily/quickly we can communicate with you. In other words, an hourly invoice. This means that you can see on the invoice how many hours we spent on what. Do you want no uncertainty and a fixed rate? View our rates here.

Extra work in addition to the subscription

The subscription price applies in combination with the use of The Bookie Webapp and concerns the regular work around a well kept administration. The emphasis here is on monitoring, implementation and brief explanation. This work includes VAT returns, preparing your annual documents, filing your income tax return and short questions.

In some cases your situation may require more attention and specialist knowledge. Or you would like multiple questions answered. This could apply to the following:

  • In case of property abroad or a move to or from a foreign country. In the latter case, you will need to complete an extra form (M- or C-form).
  • Loan rules
  • IND procedure
  • You may also want to take advantage of an investment or subsidy opportunity or need our help with a payment plan. 

Annual documents and income tax return per hour

Unfortunately we cannot make a good estimate of the costs for preparing annual accounts and filing income tax returns in advance. Besides the fact that we don't yet know the size and complexity of your company, your income tax return covers many more things than your business. For example, we take your income from other activities or benefits into account, we look at your private situation including children, house, tax partner and debts and we can still adjust the draft version of your tax return based on your feedback.

Since we do not have any insight into this yet, we cannot estimate the duration and complexity of the work and therefore we do not work with quotations.

Would you like to work with a fixed rate for the current financial year? Then activate a subscription and read how that works here.

Consultation: €110 ex VAT per (half) hour 

If you need more time or do not have a subscription with The Bookie, you can schedule a consultation. For example, because you are buying a house, want to discuss an investment, are starting a new legal form or cooperation or have another financial issue. We are happy to free up time in our schedules to discuss your specific situation. We charge extra for this time.

You can schedule a consultation directly at:

Joint tax return partner: € 95,- ex vat per year

The subscription price does not include the tax return of your partner (who is an employee). However, we will gladly take care of your partner's tax return. If you want to use this service, please tick 'tax partner' in The Bookie Webapp and fill in the additional information before the deadline of 1 May. Read where to note that here. The extra costs for a joint tax return with a salaried tax partner are € 95,- ex VAT.

Costs Income Tax Return and annual Reports

Can The Bookie take care of my tax return if I wasn't already a client that fiscal year?

Yes, certainly. We'd be happy to. Below we explain how you can work with us for your income tax return. There are two ways.

1. Per hour + own system

You throw your administration of the relevant financial year over the fence: this can be paper folders or folders on your computer, but also a program like Moneybird or Excel. 

The cost for your annual declaration (and possibly that of your tax partner) is € 95 excluding VAT per hour. Since we regularly encounter unforeseen circumstances with annual returns, it is difficult to make a correct estimate of the number of hours and we ask you to take into account at least our annual rate per administration. If we encounter no exceptions, this may of course be lower. The hours spent will in any case be specified on the invoice. The minimum that we charge for an income tax return is € 250, - ex VAT.

2. The Bookie Webapp

Would you rather have everything in The Bookie Webapp and be assured of a fixed amount? Then take advantage of our special offer, where we import your 2021. This way, we put your invoices and expenses so far in our online accounting program and we do your income tax return for a fixed amount. Read more about the conditions of this action here:

Step-by-step plan for supplying information

With a free Basic or paid account of The Bookie Webapp you can use a checklist to deliver the required information. This way you know what we need and we have everything in one place. Start your tax return in the upper right corner under Income Tax. Read here 

  1. Create an account and fill in all requested information:

    Do you want a subscription for 2022? Then you can activate a paid subscription. If you already have a (paid) account you can skip this step.

  2. Before April 30, please check if your initials, last name, bsn and date of birth of yourself and possibly your tax partner are complete under Account in The Bookie Webapp, so we can register with the tax authorities. 

  3. Click on your name on the top right of the Income Tax button and select 2020 via the '+ button'.

  4. Follow the checklist and upload the required information

  5. We apply for a standard postponement and file your tax return on a first come, first served basis, after you have submitted everything complete. Should you need your annual documents sooner, then we charge the rush fee of 25% extra.