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Authorize without Activation Code
Accrued revenue
Bank balance: beginning and ending balance of the financial year
Non-reimbursed healthcare expenses
Relevant information Income Tax Return
VIA and SBA authorization
VAT Tax: amount and deadline
Changing bank account with the tax Authorities
Hour criterion
Example VAT Tax Return
What makes up your equity?
New VAT number
Income tax debt: loan, student debt, etc.
Tax Plan 2020
Sales products and inventory administration
Sole proprietorship in relation to Partnership
Small business regulation (KOR last year 2019): what is it and does it apply to me?
Travel agency regulation: points of attention when organizing trips
New KOR within the Bookie subscription
Exclusive business use car or van
Keep profit low
The Bookie and the Tax Authorities
Voorlopige aanslag: aanvragen, wijzigen of stopzetten
Income Tax Bracket 3: savings and investments
Income Tax Box 2: shares in a company
Income Tax Box 1, 2 and 3
House - additional credit regulation
Requesting postponement
Withdraw VIA and SBA authorization
Consequences and preparation Brexit
Entrepreneurial discounts
Income Tax: tax brackets and rates
Not enough money for tax: income tax and turnover tax
Healthcare costs: which are deductible?
Special Postponement of Payment: Corona measurement
Crypto currency
Gross vs Net
Income Tax: amount and term
Migration from abroad to The Netherlands
Deadline Income Tax Return
Intra-Community supply or acquisition
Log in Tax Authorities
Less income tax due by average of income
Deferral for payment of taxes
A financial year
Benefits: care, rent, childcare and childcare budget
Incorrect or no vat tax return
Set up and maintain good administration
Almost no postponement for VAT Tax Return