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Authorize without Activation Code
Accrued revenue
Bank balance: beginning and ending balance of the financial year
Non-reimbursed healthcare expenses
Hour criterion
VIA and SBA authorization
Relevant information Income Tax Return
What makes up your equity?
Income tax debt: loan, student debt, etc.
Income Tax: amount and term
VAT Tax: amount and deadline
Example VAT Tax Return
Changing bank account with the tax Authorities
Sales products and inventory administration
Sole proprietorship in relation to Partnership
Small business regulation (KOR last year 2019): what is it and does it apply to me?
Travel agency regulation: points of attention when organizing trips
New KOR within the Bookie subscription
Exclusive business use car or van
Special Postponement of Payment: Corona measurement
The Bookie and the Tax Authorities
Voorlopige aanslag: aanvragen, wijzigen of stopzetten
Income Tax Bracket 3: savings and investments
Income Tax Box 2: shares in a company
Income Tax Box 1, 2 and 3
House - additional credit regulation
Requesting postponement
Withdraw VIA and SBA authorization
Consequences and preparation Brexit
Entrepreneurial discounts
Income Tax: tax brackets and rates
Not enough money for tax: income tax and turnover tax
Healthcare costs: which are deductible?
New VAT number
Crypto currency
Gross vs Net
Migration from abroad to The Netherlands
Deadline Income Tax Return
Intra-Community supply or acquisition
Log in Tax Authorities
Less income tax due by average of income
Deferral for payment of taxes
A financial year
Benefits: care, rent, childcare and childcare budget
Incorrect or no vat tax return
Set up and maintain good administration
Tax Plan 2020
Keep profit low
Almost no postponement for VAT Tax Return