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Which activities are included in my subscription?

The Bookie is an all-in accounting solution fo freelancers. You can easily keep track of your expenses and sales in The Bookie Webapp. Meanwhile we'll every time you need to declare your taxes with the Tax Authorities or, it is us doing the work.

The subscription includes the check of your administration, your VAT returns, the preparation of your annual figures, the declaration of your income tax return and the quarterly meetings, called The Bookie Borrel. Did you activate Plus? Then we will also process your expenses for you. Do you have BV (Limited)? Then we will agree on what additional work we will carry out for you within the subscription.

We'll email you when we expect something from you, so if you read it and do 'your chores', you'll be fine. In addition, your own attention is also recommended because your company changes and as an entrepreneur you always remain responsible!

The subscription price only applies in combination with the use of The Bookie Webapp and concerns the regular activities surrounding a well-kept administration.


In addition to your basic subscription, you can activate Plus. With this addition to your basic subscription we process your expenses for you. Instead of a more expensive subscription, we have a credit system where you purchase credits depending on your needs. You pay €65 per batch of 50 expenses. Read more here.

Additional questions and activities

It makes sense, however, that you don't just want the job done right. Sometimes you want some extra explanation of the annual figures or declaration submitted in peace and quiet with your accountant. Especially if the Netherlands is not your hometown and all is in Dutch. We'd happily help you. Because not everyone wants this and we want to keep this subscription affordable, this is additional.


Do you want to go through your annual figures well, do have a more elaborate question of need more extensive financial advice about investments in a mortgage? Then you can directly plan a longer consultation against payment (online or offline) at a time that suits you. Costs for this are € 110 ex VAT per hour. Customers plan online from half an hour. Schedule a consultation here.

Customization: per hour

Do certain activities fall outside the scope of the subscription (read more about that) or do you want us to do additional work for you? Then we’ll charge our hourly rate of € 95 ex VAT per hour.

Keep track of administration in The Bookie Webapp

What do I use The Bookie Webapp for?

In The Bookie Webapp, keep your company’s administration. Log in on your computer at The first time you log in, please go through the options via 'the tour' before you get excited about getting started.

Basic functions

Update personal and company information. Read here how. At the top of your dashboard you’ll find the search function which gives you insight into your customers, your income and expenses. The help button provides access to the support page with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). 


Create a new sales invoice by simply clicking on the yellow ‘+ invoice’ button. Press ‘Revenue’ you’ll find an easy overview of all the (credit) invoices you’ve sent this past quarter or even year. This overview allows for quick and easy sending of reminders for unpaid invoices.
Set up a connection between your business bank account and Mollie and a link will be added to your invoices which allows for ‘push of a button’- iDeal payments.


Use the Bookie Bonnen app on your mobile to add  a scan of the paper receipts of your business expenses on the go. Read how it works here. Did your expenses come with a PDF  invoice or receipt? Then read here how to upload those digital expenses to your webapp account and use them.

In the online Expenses section, you can also read more about car expenses, foreign expenses, shifted VAT, expense items and much more.

My Bookies: checks, tax returns and questions

What do my Bookies do for me?

VAT returns

As a client of The Bookie, you don't have to submit your quarterly returns (also known as turnover or VAT returns), but your Bookies do that for you.* All you have to do is send your invoices on time and book your expenses complete with receipt or invoice. Or take a Plus subscription and have us do it for you *wink
One week before the end of the quarter, you will receive the first quarterly reminder. Update your records before the 8th of the first month of the new quarter, so that we have enough time to check your records and file your tax return. The deadlines are: April 8, July 8, October 8 and January 8. Read here how the process works.

Reminders: click on 'Administration Updated' before the 8th

Once all income and expenses are complete in your records, click on the "Updated" button that appears on your dashboard. We’ll now check and correct your administration and submit your tax return. You’ll receive a reminder from us that your tax return can be found in The Bookie Webapp. It will state the account number of the tax authorities and what you have to pay (or get back), as well as your payment reference. This payment must be received by the Belastingdienst before the 1st of May/August/November/February. Can't you make it before the 8th? Then submit your own tax return and send us the pdf.

Based on your records and any corrections we make, we may give you tips on how to avoid mistakes and gain an advantage. This way you will get to know your administration better and prevent mistakes in the future.

*Do you have to file a VAT return once a year instead of every quarter? Then discuss this with us.

Annual figures and income tax return

When the year is done, your annual figures must be prepared and your income tax return filed. To do this we’ll need more information from you than just your business records, such as the bank statements from your business account, annual statements in case of salaried income, etc.

For this purpose, you can submit the required information via "Start income tax return" starting in February. The checklist provides a complete picture of your situation that is important for your income tax return. View the overview here.

After you’ve completed the checklist and sent it in (with all relevant documents attached), you’ll be added to the waiting list. We’ll process your Income Tax Return on a first come, first served basis. If, after reviewing your checklist, your team has any questions, they’ll contact you. If not, then they will proceed to process all the information you’ve sent in. We’ll then send your the draft report and ask you to review it and give us written permission to file it for you. After receiving this permission, we’ll submit your tax return for you.

The Bookie and the Tax Authorities

How does communication work between The Bookie and The Tax Authorities?


We’ll request a postponement for filing your tax return (as is customary) which gives us until May 1st of the following year to file your income tax return. Do you want us to file your return quickly? Then we recommend that you fill in the income tax checklist as completely as possible in February, attach the required documents and send it in. You are now in the queue. As soon as it is your turn, we’ll contact you if anything is missing or to confirm that your file is complete. We’ll send you your draft report as soon as we have prepared it. After you have given us written approval, we’ll file your tax return. 

Do you have a tax partner and would you like us to file her/their/his tax return as well? Please let your Bookie know about this before May 1st. We’ll then request a deferral for her/them/him as well. Read below how this works.

Send authorization: VIA and SBA

We request an authorization to be able to file your tax return. You’ll receive a letter from the Belastingdienst with the activation code, please send this to us. You can also do this via email! Read more about these authorizations and how to send them in.

What are the costs of a Bookie Subscription and which services do you provide?

What are the rates of a subscription and how does it work?

Our subscriptions cost in 2022 excl. 21% VAT*.

The rates are linked to your annual turnover and based on a full financial year (from January 1 to December 31). Regardless of whether you start with us in January or November. We check your entire administration, VAT declarations, prepare the annual figures and do your personal income tax return (if necessary with payroll of that financial year). 

Monthly downpayment and annual total

Depending on your subscription, every month € 66.55 or € 78.65 (incl VAT) is automatically debited. Your invoice is automatically listed with your Expenses in The Bookie Webapp. This is partly an advance payment on the annual accounts and income tax return that will be done after the end of the fiscal year. You pay a fixed subscription price based on your annual turnover at the end of the year.

Additional invoice

In some cases, you will receive a separate or additional invoice after we have completed your income tax return. Read in detail about the situations in which we invoice (extra or outside the subscription) here.

1. No subscription in the financial year - You only started your subscription in 2022. Because of this, your Income Tax return 2021 is based on an hourly rate. This is €95 ex VAT per hour.

2. Became a customer during the financial year - You started your subscription after January, so you have not yet paid the full annual amount. 

3. Not the right subscription - You had chosen a subscription that belonged to a lower turnover and have (unexpectedly) performed better.

4. The Bookie Plus subscription - You have chosen to let us process your receipts. This Plus subscription is based on your expenses. These payments are made through our credit system. You pay €65 per batch of 50 expenses.

5. Urgent - You need your financial statements or tax returns quickly or missed our deadline. 

6. Activities outside the subscription - These are exceptional, often one-off activities that do not fall within the subscription, such as M-Form, additional credit regulation, interim annual figures and forecasts. Read all the exceptions here.


Fiscal Partner | Joint income tax declaration

Report a tax partner to The Bookie

If you have a tax partner and / or children, this might have consequences for the income tax that you have to pay or get refunded. This can bring benefits. That is why we file a joint income tax declaration for most clients who have an employed tax partner.


Personal data tax partner and tick

To do that, we need your permission via a check mark in The Bookie Webapp, found under Account information. We'll handle the rest.

Please fill in the info before May 1st . Example: if we do the Income Tax Return for 2020 for you, please report this personal data to us before 1 May 2021.

You can provide the additional income tax data such as an annual work statement from your partner via the Checklist in The Bookie Webapp, same way your provide us with your additional information basically.

Advantages of joint declaration with a tax partner

By filing a tax return together with a tax partner, you can apportion certain income and deductible items with your partner.

The way in which you apportion the income and deductible items can affect the income tax and premium that you pay or receive. Any distribution is allowed, as long as the total is 100%. For example, the person with the highest income can deduct the costs. This gives you the largest tax benefit.

Costs for filing a joint declaration

These activities are not covered by the subscription. The extra costs for a joint declaration are € 95 ex. VAT per year.

Characteristics tax partner

The following is stated on the website of the Tax Authorities:

Depending on the year for which you file a tax return, the online tax return and the tax return program will help you determine who your tax partner is. Do you only have a tax partner for part of the year? Then you can choose to be regarded as tax partners throughout the year.

File a declaration yourself or have someone else take care of it

Then we will prepare your company's annual statements and we will send them to you so that you can use them for the joint income tax return, together with your tax partner.