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Fiscal Partner | Joint income tax declaration

Can you also file my tax partner's declaration?

Report a tax partner to The Bookie
If you have a tax partner and / or children, this might have consequences for the income tax that you have to pay or get refunded. This can bring benefits. That is why we file a joint income tax declaration for most clients who have an employed tax partner.


Personal data tax partner and tick

To do that, we need your permission via a check mark in The Bookie Webapp, found under Account information. We'll handle the rest.

Please fill in the info before May 1st . Example: if we do the Income Tax Return for 2020 for you, please report this personal data to us before 1 May 2021.

You can provide the additional income tax data such as an annual work statement from your partner via the Checklist in The Bookie Webapp, same way your provide us with your additional information basically.

Advantages of joint declaration with a tax partner

By filing a tax return together with a tax partner, you can apportion certain income and deductible items with your partner.

The way in which you apportion the income and deductible items can affect the income tax and premium that you pay or receive. Any distribution is allowed, as long as the total is 100%. For example, the person with the highest income can deduct the costs. This gives you the largest tax benefit.

Costs for filing a joint declaration
These activities are not covered by the subscription. The extra costs for a joint declaration are € 95 ex. VAT per year.

Characteristics tax partner

The following is stated on the website of the Tax Authorities:

Depending on the year for which you file a tax return, the online tax return and the tax return program will help you determine who your tax partner is. Do you only have a tax partner for part of the year? Then you can choose to be regarded as tax partners throughout the year.

File a declaration yourself or have someone else take care of it

Then we will prepare your company's annual statements and we will send them to you so that you can use them for the joint income tax return, together with your tax partner.

by Mari Last update: 07 Mar, 2023