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Adjusting personal and business settings

How do I adjust my personal and business settings?

Adjust settings
In The Bookie webapp you'll find several menus on the left and right to adjust your settings. Please add the information we ask for so we can set you up properly, so do this as you start our subscription.

You cannot change your e-mail address with which you created the account. So make sure you choose an address that you use often. We have done this to prevent us from having different addresses and reminders or official communication not arriving.

Personal settings

At the top right you will find your personal data. We use your initials, last name, bsn and date of birth to register as your consultant with De Belastingdienst and to request both authorizations and postponement of your income tax. This is the same spot where you can change your password, activate or adjust your subscription and download your monthly invoices from the automatic collection for The Bookie.

Do you prefer to communicate in English with us and / or your customers? Then simply adjust your preferred language here. You can enter your address details of your personal home address here, as well as the details about and from your tax partner.

Administration settings

In the left sidebar you will find your company settings under your company name and Administration settings. Here you can register your e-mail address that you use on your invoices, Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number with us and adjust your company name, address, activities and such at all times. Under the Costs tabs you can select yourself which cost items, also called headings, apply to your administration. You can also add an additional user to your administration if someone helps you. Or you can link an extra administration to your account, for example if you are a partner in a VOF in addition to your sole proprietorship.

by Mari Last update: 06 Mar, 2021