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Work and costs outside subscription

What are the costs for work outside of the subscription?

In all cases listed below, you can engage The Bookie. You will receive an invoice after we have completed our work.

Work per hour: €75 ex vat 

We have a fixed hourly rate. If you didn't have a subscription for a financial year or you ask for extra work, we'll charge €75 ex VAT per hour. We'll write down the hours we spend on your administration and you will get a specified invoice. This means you can see on the invoice how many hours we spent on what activities. Read below why we don't work with fixed prices, estimates or quotes (besides the subscription).

Extra work in addition to the subscription

The subscription price applies in combination with the use of The Bookie Webapp and concerns the regular work around a well kept administration. The emphasis here is on monitoring, implementation and brief explanation. This work includes VAT returns, preparing your annual documents, filing your income tax return and short questions.

In some cases your situation may require more attention and specialist knowledge. Or you would like multiple questions answered. This could apply to the following:

  • In case of property abroad or a move to or from a foreign country. In the latter case, you will need to complete an extra form (M- or C-form).
  • Loan rules
  • IND procedure
  • You may also want to take advantage of an investment or subsidy opportunity or need our help with a payment plan. 

Annual documents and income tax return per hour

Unfortunately we cannot make a good estimate of the costs for preparing annual accounts and filing income tax returns in advance. Besides the fact that we don't yet know the size and complexity of your company, your income tax return covers many more things than your business. For example, we take your income from other activities or benefits into account, we look at your private situation including children, house, tax partner and debts and we can still adjust the draft version of your tax return based on your feedback.

Since we do not have any insight into this yet, we cannot estimate the duration and complexity of the work and therefore we do not work with quotations.

Would you like to work with a fixed rate for the current financial year? Then activate a subscription and read how that works here.

Consultation: €95 ex VAT per (half) hour 

If you need more time or do not have a subscription with The Bookie, you can schedule a consultation. For example, because you are buying a house, want to discuss an investment, are starting a new legal form or cooperation or have another financial issue. We are happy to free up time in our schedules to discuss your specific situation. We charge extra for this time.

You can schedule a consultation directly at:

Joint tax return partner: € 75,- ex vat per year

The subscription price does not include the tax return of your partner (who is an employee). However, we will gladly take care of your partner's tax return. If you want to use this service, please tick 'tax partner' in The Bookie Webapp and fill in the additional information before the deadline of 1 May. Read where to note that here. The extra costs for a joint tax return with a salaried tax partner are € 75,- ex VAT.

by Mari Last update: 06 Oct, 2021