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Costs The Bookie Subscription

What are the rates of a subscription and how does it work?

Our subscriptions cost in 2022 excl. 21% VAT*.

The rates are linked to your annual turnover and based on a full financial year (from January 1 to December 31). Regardless of whether you start with us in January or November. We check your entire administration, VAT declarations, prepare the annual figures and do your personal income tax return (if necessary with payroll of that financial year). 

Monthly depreciation and annual total

Depending on your subscription, every month € 60.50 or € 72.60 (incl VAT) is automatically debited. Your invoice is automatically listed with your Expenses in The Bookie Webapp. This is partly an advance payment on the annual accounts and income tax return that will be done after the end of the fiscal year. You pay a fixed subscription price based on your annual turnover at the end of the year.

Additional invoice

In some cases, you will receive a separate or additional invoice after we have completed your income tax return. Read in detail about the situations in which we invoice (extra or outside the subscription) here.

1. No subscription in the financial year - You only started your subscription in 2022. Because of this, your Income Tax return 2021 is based on an hourly rate. This is €85 ex VAT per hour.

2. Became a customer during the financial year - You started your subscription after January, so you have not yet paid the full annual amount. 

3. Not the right subscription - You had chosen a subscription that belonged to a lower turnover and have (unexpectedly) performed better.

4. The Bookie Plus subscription - You have chosen to let us process your receipts. This Plus subscription is based on your expenses.

5. Urgent - You need your financial statements or tax returns quickly or missed our deadline. 

6. Activities outside the subscription - These are exceptional, often one-off activities that do not fall within the subscription, such as M-Form, additional credit regulation, interim annual figures and forecasts. Read all the exceptions here.

* As of 2021, ZZP'er and Ondernemer are available for new customers. Did you take out a Starters subscription in 2020 or before? Then you can continue to use it in 2022.

by Mari Last update: 17 Nov, 2021