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New customer during financial year

What should I do if I take out a subscription with The Bookie during the financial year?

All personal and company information in The Bookie Webapp

If you take out a subscription with The Bookie during the course of the financial year, you may have already processed part of your administration in Excel or another accounting program. To ensure that we can check everything properly, it is important that we have all the invoices you've made and all business costs sent to you. That is why we ask you to include both your invoices and your expenses in our program. Then we can submit your remaining VAT returns for a fixed annual amount and check the previous VAT returns to then prepare your annual documents and submit your IB declaration. Read below what you should do and especially how.

Personal settings

Make sure that you enter the details of both yourself and your tax partner immediately. Read here how. Then we will immediately report to the Tax Authorities as soon as you become a customer and we will request the correct authorizations.

Import all invoices already sent from this financial year

First enter all invoices already sent in the Web app. Read here how. Please note that invoice numbers and the date have been correctly copied. The invoice date and not the payment date is the guiding principle. Invoices are automatically sent to the correct quarter, provided that the date falls within that quarter. Invoice numbers must consist of at least 5 digits.

Enter all receipts and invoices for expenses for this financial year

You can add expenses in two ways, from your computer and with the handy mobile app Bookie Bonnen. Read here how. Please note: the book number is the chronology in your administration and not the book number or invoice number that is on the receipt. You enter all proofs of expenditure individually with the date in the correct quarter that you included this voucher in the tax return.

Click 'Updated' for quarters

After everything has been entered you can click on 'Updated' on your Dashboard in the lower right corner of the relevant quarters. Read here how this works. Do you become a customer during a VAT return month (January, April, July and October)? Then make sure you click on 'Updated' before the 8th. Then we do your VAT return. Will you become a customer later in the month or have you not yet arrived at entering income and expenses? Then submit a VAT declaration yourself and send us the pdf of your declaration. Then we check this at the end of the year.

by Aleida Sjardijn Last update: 19 Aug, 2019