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How do I add an expense to my administration?

How do I add an expense to my administration and how do I upload a receipt of invoice?

Just like your income, you also add your expenses to your administration. Please read below which conditions your expense booking must meet according to De Belastingdienst (The Tax Authorities)
Do you want to know which expenses are considered business expenses? Then read this article.
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Add receipt or invoice

When keeping digital records of your business administration, every expense must have proof of payment (excluding bank charges and insurance payments). This can be a digital invoice or a physical receipt. 
You can upload an invoice on your computer or in the cloud by searching or dragging it.








A paper receipt or invoice can be added to your administration through the Bookie Bonnen mobile app. This is directly linked to your administration in The Bookie Webapp. Do you want to know how to install and use it? Then read this article.

Booking number

De Belastingdienst wants you to have an expenses overview where the numbering is a continuing list of numbers. So make sure there are no gaps in your expenses overview. 


When adding an expense to your records, you always use the date stated on the receipt or invoice, not the payment date. Ideally, an administration should be chronological, so that the date of invoices increases with the numbering. If you happen to forget a receipt, don’t sweat it, just add it later in the quarter.

If you forgot to add an expense from an earlier quarter then add it to a later quarter. If it’s a large number of receipts then please contact your Bookie team.


Write the name of the supplier where you purchased the product or service. A name is sufficient.


If your receipt shows the amount including VAT and the VAT percentage on the receipt, you can tick the following button: amounts incl. VAT






Now simply add the full amount including VAT under Amount incl. Pro tip: check if you’ve chosen the correct VAT percentage. The Bookie Webapp will automatically record all amounts for you.

VAT Shifted

If you’ve purchased an item or service outside of the Netherlands you will often not see a VAT percentage on the receipt or it’s a different percentage then we use in The Netherlands. In that case select the correct VAT shifted option (within or without the EU) and add the total amount of the expense VAT included.







Example: a Adobe software subscription is billed from Adobe Ireland. When booking this expense, select VAT shifted within the EU and add the total amount of the subscription (including Irish VAT%) under ‘Amount’


Please write a short description of the purchased item or service.

Cost category

Please select a cost category for each service or product you are adding. After your first receipt, The Bookie Webapp automatically links the cost item to your Contact. Don’t worry too much about whether you’ve picked the correct category, your Bookie Team will check and correct this when processing your VAT Tax Return. Would you like to learn more about cost categories? Then read this article.
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Amount ex VAT / VAT percentage / Amount incl. VAT

We know you are smart enough to figure out what this means by yourselves ;-p


Of course, there are always exceptions. More info on that here. Or contact your Bookie Team.

by Mari Last update: 24 Nov, 2023