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Installing and using Bookie Bonnen App

How do I add my paper receipts to my records?

To easily add a picture of a receipt to your records, we've created the Bookie Bonnen app. 

Installing and linking Bookie Bonnen

The Bookie Bonnen app can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple) and the Google Play Store (Android). Log in with the same credentials as the Bookie Webapp. This automatically links the Bookie Bonnen app to your administration. The photos will be forwarded to the Bookie Inbox in The Bookie Webapp. 

Uploading photos of receipts to The Bookie Webapp

Step 1. Open the app Bookie Bonnen

Step 2. Take a picture of your receipt by clicking on the camera icon

Step 3. Press the check mark to upload the voucher.

If the upload was successful, you will only see the photo in your overview. If the upload was not successful then there is an upload cloud on the photo.

Step 4. Open a new expense booking in the Webapp, click on the Bookie Inbox and choose the photo of the receipt you want to add.

Step 5. The Webapp does not automatically read the information in the receipt, so please fill out all fields completely.

Do you have a Plus subscription?

Then you can skip step 4 and 5. You only need to take and upload a picture and we will process all your expenses. 

Adding a description in Bookie Receipts 

You can add a description to your photo in your Bookie Bonnen app. If you open your Bookie Inbox in the Webapp and hover over the photo, you'll see that. That way you know which receipt is what and you can copy paste that description to your booking description.

Saving receipts

Once you've photographed your receipts properly (all corners visible, legible and with all relevant information), this photo counts as an approved alternative to the paper receipt. So if all your receipts have been photographed and uploaded to your The Bookie Webapp, you no longer need the paper receipt. We do however recommend that you always keep your paper receipts, just in case.


by Mari Last update: 08 Oct, 2021