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The Bookie Plus | Subscription & costs: your Bookie enters your expenses + project administration

With a Plus subscription (an addition to the Basic subscription) your Bookies enter your expenses for you, you have less work and more features in The Bookie Webapp.

> Read the detailed procedure here.

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Costs & payment credits 

For which expenses do I pay

Free credits

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1.Never process expenses again

No more filling in fields, guessing cost items or updating your admin last minute. You immediately take a photo of a receipt when you buy something or forward the email with the invoice you received.

2. Always VAT return

Because we process your expenses and you have your turnover in The Bookie Webapp, we always file a VAT return without you having to perform an extra action. This way you can be 100% sure that you will not miss a single deadline.

3. Separate administrations per project

With a Plus subscription you can use a Project administration. This way you have a clear overview of all income and costs of a project. Read here how this works.


What does it cost?

The monthly fees of your current subscription remain the same, this is €55 or €65 ex vat.

In addition you buy credits for the amount of expenses booked by us. This works like the OV-chipknip, where 50 processed expenses equal 50 credits. All expenses of the running financial year are processed by The Bookie and are covered within the Plus subscription. Costs are €65 per 50 credits.

Exceptions are the invoices from The Bookie and the expenses without proof of payment to be processed, such as recurring expenses. We do process these, but we won’t charge you for them. A gift from The Bookie!

NB Please do not process any receipts yourself when you have an active Plus subscription, to avoid misunderstandings. 

Do I pay for all expenses you process for me?

You pay for all expenses we process from the moment you activate your subscription. Exceptions are the invoices from The Bookie and expenses without a payment receipt to process, such as recurring charges. We process these, but do not charge you for them. 

Free credits

Has an entrepreneur become a customer through you? Then you get 50 processed receipts for free per customer. Read the deal here.

How do you subscribe?

Just call or email us. This way, we're sure to set you up properly, register reoccurring expenses and will activate Plus.

You can join the Plus Subscription at any time during the year. From that moment on we’ll process all the receipts you send our way. 

Want to sign up during the fiscal year? Then please check if there are still receipts in your Bookie Bonnen app that don’t need to be processed. If that’s the case: delete (if duplicate) these receipts or process them yourself if you don’t want us to do them. Do the receipts still need to be processed? Feel free to  leave them there, we’ll process them for you!

How do you unsubscribe?

The Plus subscription can only be switched off at the end of the fiscal year. If you would like to stop your subscription please contact your team of before the end of the year. Credits are not refunded.

by Mari Last update: 01 Dec, 2023