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How do I upload my existing invoices or other income to The Bookie Webapp?

The Bookie App has a function that allows you to easily create, send and store invoices in your records. However, you may prefer to use your own template or send the invoices yourself. That is also possible. In that case follow the steps below.

Read here how to do that.

Own invoices

1. Go to your Dashboard and click + Invoice

2. On the right side of the sample invoice, select 'Yes' under Invoice already sent? and upload the PDF, if you already have an existing invoice.

3. Enter the information you want to include in your records: Contact, description of product or service, amount and tax percentage. 


Depending on whether it was a one-off invoice or if you invoice this customer or client more often, you can choose to enter only the name or all contact information. Does your income come from a web shop or through an intermediate company such as Temper? In the case of Contact, write for example * your company name * Webshop / * your company name * Market / Temper. This way you can find this income more easily in your contacts later.

Amounts and VAT

If you have multiple book lines or specified sales lines, you can choose to note a total amount if it belongs to the same category. This is the case, for example, if you have given work shops on different days. You can also check that the amount includes VAT: that saves you an extra transaction.

4. By clicking on Next, your invoice is in your records. Once you upload an already sent invoice, you cannot edit the content after saving, because your invoice has already been sent.

Other income: cash sales, Mollie, Temper or Uber

In addition to your own sent invoices, you may also have income from another source, for example from cash sales or a webshop or through a client who provides you with work such as Temper or Uber. In the first case of product sales, keep in mind that The Bookie Webapp and the subscription are developed and most suitable for service providers. However, in limited sizes you can also register this product sale in the above way. You can distinguish between the different products on separate book lines. By adding your monthly printout as a file, we can still check this.

Have any costs been calculated for the payment of this invoice? Then you can record these costs on your (other income) invoice by means of a new book line. You do that by stating here that it is and place a - sign before the amount on the invoice.

by Mari Last update: 03 Jan, 2024