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Proof of payment | Bookie Inbox: receipts and invoices

What is the Bookie Inbox and how do I send my receipts and invoices here?

 If you want to add an expense in The Bookie Webapp, you almost always have to include a receipt in your records. This is required by the Tax Authorities.

This can easily be done with the help of your Bookie Inbox. In your Bookie Inbox you'll find all the collected payment receipts, which you have sent to The Bookie Webapp. This works both with the mobile app (all subscriptions) and from your own email (Plus subscription).

With a Plus subscription you only need to forward or phograph in your receipts and your Bookies will process all expenses. Read here how to switch easily.

1. Bookie Receipts

Photos of written or printed receipts and invoices can be sent with your mobile app 'Bookie Bonnen'. Read here how to install, link and use the 'Bookie Bonnen' mobile app.

2.2. Personal address of your Bookie Inbox

Invoices that you receive via email can easily be forwarded to your own inbox. On your Dashboard under the envelope on top you will find your Inbox, your Archive and your Inbox Settings with a personalized e-mail address. This is where you can forward invoices to from your own email. This way they end up directly in your Bookie Inbox and after they're processed by your Bookies, under your Expenses.

1. Under Inbox Settings, add the email addresses from where you will be sending the invoices. Don't forget to verify this address.

2. Make sure that when you send the email, there are no unnecessary logos and PDFs in the mail that don't need to go to your Bookie inbox. TIP: turn off your signature.


Did your email not arrive? Then you'll receive a notification about this via email.

Was this the case? Please check if your email address is known and registered as safe in The Bookie Webapp. If not, you can add an email address under your Administration Settings at the Company Contact Details.





Once you have added an email address, we will send you an email with a confirmation link. Please confirm this new email address as safe.
After you have done this you can use this mail address to send received invoices of your business expenses to your Bookie Inbox.


by Mari Last update: 12 Jan, 2023