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How fast can The Bookie perform the work for my administration?

If you have a subscription, we will ensure that you receive a reminder for all deadlines from the Tax Authorities so that you can provide the required information on time and we ensure that the returns are submitted on time.

Sales tax return - before the 8th of the new quarter

That is why we ask you to provide your administration by the 8th of the first month of the new quarter. You get three reminders for this: one week before the end of the quarter, on the 1st of the new quarter and on the 8th itself. If you can’t update your webapp with all the relevant information before the 8th, you can update us. If we don’t hear from you, you will have to do your own tax return and send us a copy of the PDF of the tax return you did.

Read here how the Turnover tax process works with us.

Income tax - first come, first serve

After the financial year has finished you can find a clever checklist in The Bookie Webapp that will help you to provide us with the additional information we need. We will remind you of this in February. Because we request a postponement, the deadline of 1 May expires. If you receive an extended extension, it is valid until 1 May the following year. If you do not receive an extended extension, it is until 1 September. Read here how the Income Tax process works with us. After preparing your draft report, we will submit your declaration after your approval.

Other activities: hourly rate

Other activities that we do on the basis of our hourly rate are completed within 3 months after all essential information has been handed in to us. For example, you may not have been a customer yet and you need interim annual figures or a forecast. This has to do with the fact that we have a strict schedule that allows us to perform all work for clients on time.

Priority - within 1 month after complete delivery

Sometimes it is possible that you need your annual documents or your income tax return (inside or outside the subscription) faster than our three-month period. Because we also want to assist you in these situations, we will do our best to schedule overtime. We'll try to perform your requested work within a month. For this we charge an additional 25%, in addition to your annual subscription or hourly costs. You will receive a specified invoice for this.

Always double check with your Bookie if this is possible. In very busy months it may be that we have less availability than normal and that means that urgency is unfortunately not possible.

by Mari Last update: 06 Feb, 2023