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Creating an invoice

How do I create my (first) invoice?

Invoice: requirements and settings

The Dutch tax authorities has rules about how you create an invoice and when you send an invoice. We've used these rules as a guideline for creating your personal invoice template. If you fill in all the boxes in The Bookie Webapp under Administration Settings, you will not miss any mandatory information and The Webapp will automatically use your business information on the invoices you send.
Read how this works here.

Creating and sending an invoice

You can create an invoice in two places. By either clicking on the Invoice button on your Dashboard or by clicking on the + Invoice button in the left sidebar under Sales.

Numbering Once in your new invoice, you choose which numbering to use. If you use The Bookie's invoice numbering, the program will automatically follow up with the next number in line. If you choose your own numbering, you will have to adjust it manually. In either case, we always ask you to check that the numbering is logical and ascending.

Customer Once that is done enter the required data. The company name of the addressee. If you have not sent this person an invoice before, enter the address details by clicking "edit".

VAT There are three VAT rates. 21%, the high rate, is standard. The low 9% rate applies to some goods such as foodware and certain services. Finally, there is the 0% rate which is only applied in exceptional situations. Read on this site of the tax authorities which rate applies in which situation.

Book lines The + Add book line button allows you to split or categorize the nature of your assignment or work. For example, if you have worked on a project for a number of days or weeks, you can record this on different lines, such as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday + the number of hours per day or week 10, 11 and 14 + the amounts per week. You can also enter expenses incurred here, such as mileage claims or advanced production expenses. Read here how to do that.

Invoice from another system

PLEASE NOTE: Have you previously sent invoices from another system this financial year? Upload them one by one in The Bookie Webapp before you send a new invoice. This way, these incomes are registered in your administration and you can continue your own invoice numbering. Read here how to upload your own invoice in The Bookie Webapp.
Or ask customer support about the options for importing your administration. Contact via 030-207 2077 or

Sending an invoice?

At the moment this is still a draft invoice. As soon as you have sent this invoice, the invoice is automatically added to your administration. Therefore, the total amount will be included in your turnover. Want to know how to send the invoice? Click on continue or read this FAQ.

by Mari Last update: 24 Feb, 2021