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What do I need to do before I send my first invoice?

Invoice requirements

Invoices are an important part of your administration. The tax authorities have rules for how you draw up an invoice and when you send an invoice. We've used these rules as a guide for creating your personal invoice template. If you fill all the boxes in The Bookie Webapp, you will not miss any mandatory information and The Webapp will automatically use your business information on the invoices you send.

Administration settings and company information

Before you create your first invoice, fill in the required information under your company name in the left column under Administration settings. Under your company name you can also add your own logo under Upload logo.

Select a logo and click on Save. Your logo will automatically appear on your invoice. You can see it under Invoice settings on your draft invoice.

Invoice settings

Under your Sales you will also find your (Invoice) Settings, including the layout and default mail used when sending invoices to customers. Here you can change the font, your logo, the payment term and see an example of different draft invoices. Do you have multiple trade names? Then you can now create your own template for each trade name. It is important that the data under your Administration settings are up to date, because they will be used on your invoices, among other things.

Invoice mail

Do you want to change the standard mails? Read more here.

by Mari Last update: 04 Sep, 2023