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Sending an invoice

How do I send an invoice?

Once you've created an invoice, sending it after clicking 'continue' is pretty self-explanatory. We'll explain the steps below.

Create an invoice Learn how to create an invoice.

Click Continue Once you click Continue, you'll see the draft version of your invoice. Here you'll see a preview of what your invoice will look like. That's why there is still a Draft on the invoice. This will disappear as soon as you finalize the invoice in the next step.

Pdf options In this concept phase you can also choose one of your other templates. These are the sample invoices you designed yourself under Invoice Settings.

TIP Don't forget to click the Generate Pdf button to see your newly chosen template.

Make Invoice Define Only when you click this button, the invoice is processed in your administration. So you can 1) send it in the next step, 2) download it and send it yourself or 3) you have directly registered cash or already paid income in The Bookie Webapp and you don't need to send it anymore (to yourself or someone else).

Send History Here you can read how often, to whom and with what message an invoice was sent. Read here how you can view the communication with your customers per invoice.


3 statuses of an invoice: draft, final (processed in your administration) and paid (by the customer).

by Mari Last update: 08 Aug, 2023