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Additional Invoices by The Bookie

How come I got an invoice when I have a subscription?


At The Bookie you pay a fixed amount for your accounting every year: regardless of whether you become a customer in January or November. For this annual fee, we check the entire financial year: we check all quarterly activities and we send your VAT returns, we are available for questions, we prepare the annual reports of your company and submit your income tax return. So if you become a customer in 2020, you pay in advance for the 2020 income tax return, which we in 2021.

Have you already paid the automatic payments during a financial year, but are you still receiving an invoice? Read below what could be the reason.

1. Not all periods of a financial year are paid

With the monthly deposit on the annual fee, you also authorize us to invoice the remainder of your annual subscription, if necessary, after the end of the fiscal year. So there are a total of 12 installments. So if you only started monthly payments in April, you will receive an invoice for 3 installments. Under Subscriptions you can find the invoices for the paid installments.

2. Turnover higher and outside your type of subscription

If it turns out at the end of the year that your turnover was different than your subscription contains, this will also be adjusted. Read here what the turnover minimum and maximum per subscription are.

3. Expenditure processing by The Bookie with a Plus subscription

With a Plus subscription, we will process your expenses. At the end of the year we will check how many receipts and invoices you have sent us and you will receive an invoice for these costs. Read here how the Plus subscription works and what it costs.

4. Urgency rate 25%

Finally, we may have carried out your declaration urgently due to a mortgage or loan. Read more.

Extra activities outside the subscription

It is also possible that we have performed additional activities for you that are not part of your subscription. Read more.

For example, it often happens we have had to submit extra activities for you, such as a joint partner declaration or an M-form. In addition, customers regularly ask us to prepare interim annual figures, a forecast or balance sheet for your company, or we have submitted your annual income tax return for a previous financial year (when you did not have a subscription) on an hourly basis.

So the invoice was for the remaining part or the additional activities

Read how this works in the manual we sent you:

by Aleida Sjardijn Last update: 18 Feb, 2021