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The Bookie | Costs & invoices

Most clients work within a subscription. Did we do extra work outside your subscription? Then you get an hourly bill. Of course, these costs from The Bookie are a business expense (even though they often include your private income tax return).

Costs of the Basic subscription

> Additional costs for Plus subscription

> Costs outside the subscription: hourly rate & fixed prices

Invoice automatically entered

You don't have to manually enter your direct debit or hourly rate invoices into The Bookie Webapp. They are automatically listed with your expenses at the request of many clients. These are not automatically set to paid. You can do this yourself.


You will also find the invoices under Subscription. By going to 'Settings' on the left under your company logo you will be taken to your company data. Here you will find the Subscriptions tab.

Once you click on it, you will see an overview of the type of subscription you have. Here you will find a few days after the direct debit, once it is verified by Mollie, the invoices you paid and if applicable, also the debit(s) for which a direct debit failed.

Payment reversed? Pay with iDeal

You can settle that failed debit immediately by clicking the button and completing the payment with iDeal.

by Mari Last update: 06 Oct, 2023