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Income Tax | Which information is relevant for my tax return?

What information do I need to provide for the Income Tax Return?

We already have some of the information for the annual reports and the income tax return from you. For example, in order to be able to prepare your annual documents, you need all expenses (all receipts and invoices that you have paid) and all income (all invoices that you have sent and other income from your company). Since you have worked in The Bookie Webapp we have this information.

You provide additional information via the Start Income Tax Return button. By clicking on this and selecting the relevant financial year via the + button, you will arrive at a checklist. 

Fiscal partner

Do you want to file a joint declaration with your empoyed tax partner? Fill in your partner's details in time so that we can not only request the authorizations, but also ensure that your partner receives a postponement of the original declaration date of May 1st. Read more about tax partnership here. Costs for a joint declaration with an employed partner are € 75 ex VAT per year.

Your company

Administration and VAT returns

If you did not have a subscription last year or (partially) worked in a program other than The Bookie Webapp, we need your business administration. That means at least 3 things:
1. a (digital or paper) folder with sent invoices and receipts for expenses

2. a matching overview of your income and expenses in the form of an Excel, Spreadsheet or (the login to) an accounting program.

3. the pdf's of VAT returns of last year

You can upload or bring both 1 and 2 in order and numbered in the form of a zip. 

Financial statements and / or Income Tax (IT in English and IB in Dutch) declaration for the previous financial year

If you have been a client of ours for a long time, we have previous income tax returns. Has the Bookie not prepared your annual financial report before? Then please upload it. Don't you have a previous annual report, but an Income Tax Return instead? Then submit your IT declarations from previous financial years. This way we can see, among other things, whether you have previously applied your Startersaftrek.

Advance income tax or ZVW

Have you paid an advance for income tax or ZVW contribution (Healthcare Insurance Act)? Then upload proof of this. You pay this - in addition to the premium to the health insurance company - to the tax authorities for health insurance. The higher your income, the higher your ZVW contribution.

Your car or motorcycle

Provide us with the necessary information about your business car or motorcycle (this must be registered in the name of your company) and / or a comprehensive mileage record. Read here when a car is business-like and when private and how you correctly record the costs. The catalog value is the official new price of the (delivery) car (including VAT, tax on the car / motorcycle and accessories) that applies on the date that the registration number 1 was issued.

by Mari Last update: 02 Mar, 2023