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Include Car Expenses

Which car costs can I enter and how do I do that properly?

Do you want to buy a car and use it for both business and private purposes? Consider in advance whether you can buy the car for business or privately. After all, it is a decision that you make for a number of years and has many consequences (read below: from private to business). Read this FAQ, which explains the different (dis)advantages.

Business car

If you register a car in the name of your company, you may deduct all costs. For example, your costs for fuel, parking, insurance, and maintenance are business. Keep in mind that you must have a receipt for (almost) everything. So a receipt, an invoice or receipt. This applies in any case to all costs that include VAT such as petrol, repairs, parking in parking garages, etc. In the case of insurance you often do not receive a receipt. Read here what to do.

Privat car: entering expenses in The Bookie Webapp

If you have purchased a car privately, but you drive for business purposes, you can still include costs in your expenses. You can deduct € 0.19 per kilometer. You enter these costs in The Bookie Webapp on the basis of your kilometer registration. Here you keep track of how many kilometers you drive for business. 

If you register your kilometers, you can make a PDF of it once a quarter or year and add it to your expenses in The Bookie Webapp as a "receipt". Under contact you can make up a name that you like, and is recognizabl like Kilometers. You then enter the number of kilometers and € 0.19 per kilometer and select "Km private transport" as the heading (cost category). VAT is 0%.


by Mari Last update: 01 Oct, 2021