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Income Tax Tool

How much income tax do I have to pay?

As an entrepreneur you do not pay income tax on your income, but on your taxable profit. And you cannot just deduce this taxable profit from your income and expenses. Since many different factors play a role in this, it is not easy to say how much money you should keep aside. Read more about how that works here.

Income tax tool from The Bookie

Precisely in order not to leave customers of The Bookie with such a vague story and we want to offer you an estimate of the amount that you have to pay in income tax, we have developed a tool. By entering the Profit for the relevant financial year in the Tool, you will already receive a guideline of the amount that you probably have to pay. This includes a number of entrepreneurial benefits such as the Self-Employed and Starter Allowance and the SME profit exemption. In The Bookie Webapp you will find a Profit and Loss Statement in the left sidebar under Overviews. Make sure you select the correct year at the top.

Income Tax Tool from The Bookie:

Keep in mind that this is an automatic calculation where the corrections have not yet been made and your personal data has not yet been included.

by Mari Last update: 04 Feb, 2022