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Automated Notifications | reminders, announcements and other

Every time we as your bookkeepers need something from you (usually because the Tax Authorities need something from you) we send you a message. 

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How do I get a message?

What types of messages are there?

When do I get a message?

How do I edit the settings?


How do I get a message?

You can get a notification in several ways

1. As a message in The Bookie Webapp, under the red bell on your dashboard

2. In the form of an email

3. On your phone via The Bookie App

Types of messages

Deadlines for tax returns

Messages as reminders for VAT deadlines. That means you will receive the first message a week before the end of the quarter and this will continue weekly until you have clicked the "Administration Updated" button. 

Are you receiving notifications even though you are exempt from VAT or you only have to file a tax return once a year? Please contact us. 

Read how to edit this under personal information

Notifications about your quotations and invoices

Would you like to be notified when someone pays the invoice you sent via your Mollie link? Turn on your notifications for this, by mail and in The Bookie Webapp. Don't use an iDeal link yet and do you want customers to be able to pay your invoice with the click of a button? Then activate this feature

If you use the link, people not only pay faster, the payment is also automatically registered. Read how to here.

Direct Debits The Bookie

Messages announcing the automatic payment of your subscription. That way you know exactly when you can treat your business partner to an extra round of stickers.  

Has a direct debit for your Bookie subscription failed or been reversed? That could be the case if there was perhaps temporarily not enough in your account. In that case you can easily pay via an iDeal link found in your Subscription Settings.

Read where to find them here.


When do I get a message?


You get this one every quarter. One week before the end of the quarter you receive the first message. This continues weekly until you have clicked on the button 'Administration Updated' (Basic Subscription) or your declaration is done (Plus Subscription).

How do I change my message settings and e-mail address?

Under your name at the top right you will find your Account Settings. 

Here you will also find the settings for your automated messages (what, how and how often) that apply to your account. Here you can also change your e-mail address under Contact Information so that your messages will also be received on your modified e-mail address.

Your login remains exactly the same, but you will receive the mails on your brand new gmail address or custom personal mail address.


Under Messages you can check what you want to and don't want to receive messages for. 

 - Administration messages are updates you receive about the payment status of your own sent invoices. So if you use the iDeal link option above, you can choose to receive an email when your customer has paid your invoice. Pretty nice sometimes, such a news item just before the weekend :) 

 - VAT return messages are part of our subscription and also our USP. So our advice is to always leave these on. Have you (accidentally) unchecked this, do you no longer receive messages and do you forget to click on 'Updated'? Then we assume that you submit your tax return yourself. So our advice: don't touch it!

by Mari Last update: 21 Jul, 2023