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iDeal link | connect Mollie: iDeal payment of invoice


Can my customers pay my invoices directly with iDeal?

Yes, that's possible. By creating a Mollie account or linking your existing Mollie account to your Bookie Webapp account, you can automatically send a personal payment link with every invoice you send. This allows customers to pay your invoice immediately at the touch of a button. And in addition to this great convenience, there is another advantage: The Bookie Webapp registers the payment immediately with your Overview invoices under Sales. For one euro per invoice, you facilitate payment for your client and you automate part of your payment process.

You can be live within 15 minutes if you have your business and private data in order, such as bank statements, passport or identity card and an extract from the Chamber of Commerce. The process is really easy and will speak for itself. Just in case, we wrote down the steps.

10 easy steps to direct money on your bankaccount

1. Login to The Bookie Webapp and go to Account Settings via your company name at the top left. Under the fifth heading you will find the iDeal option. To activate this payment option you must first have a Mollie account. If you already have this, you probably know how a link works. By clicking on the Link your Mollie account button, the process is self-explanatory.

2. Don't have a Mollie account yet? Then click on Create a Mollie account. Enter the correct information below. Don't forget to click Save, as always. (this looks like a buyer, but it wouldn't be the first time it didn't happen)

3. Check your mail. Did you not receive anything? Check your data in The Bookie Webapp.

4. In the email you received, there is a link with which you can activate and link your Mollie account. Here you'll find: Partner ID , your username and your password (you can change this later) Don't lose this email as you need credentials to login.

5. One of the reasons we chose Mollie is because Mollie is simple and transparent. The process speaks for itself. So we assume that you don't even need the information below anymore. Yet we explain it with love. Click Activate Account.

6. Enter your company details. Make sure that all your data is correct.

7. Under Stakeholder, you generally list yourself twice as a sole proprietorship. This can vary with a VOF.

8. Don't have a website? Then write down your Linkedin or similar page.

9. The standard rate for iDEAL is € 0.29 per transaction. In connection with our development costs and continuous updates, you pay € 1.00 per invoice via The Bookie Webapp. However, there are no further start-up costs or other monthly costs.

10. After you have uploaded all the relevant information, including a copy of your ID, you are live!

by Mari Last update: 28 Mar, 2023