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Change Subscription: upgrade or downgrade

How do I change my subscription if my annual turnover has increased or decreased?

The Bookie has fixed prices especially for freelancers and VOFs. At The Bookie you pay a fixed annual amount if you have a subscription and you use The Bookie Webapp. Costs are based on a financial year and ex 21% VAT. This annual amount (rate) is linked to your turnover. That is the total amount you invoiced during a financial year or registered as company income in The Bookie.

Annual amount paid in monthly installments

To prevent you from receiving a large invoice at the end of the year, you pay a fixed amount each month when you use The Bookie Webapp. This is an down payment on your annual subscription fee.

Have you been a customer all year, have you paid all monthly amounts and were you within your expected annual turnover? Then at the end of the year after we prepared your annual documents and filed your income tax return, you will not be invoiced additionally. You have paid the entire package.

Did you pay all the monthly amounts, but did your annual turnover turn out to be higher than you thought? You will receive an additional invoice from us (with the amount up to the next subscription) as soon as we have prepared your annual documents.

Did you not pay all the monthly amounts because you became a customer during the year? Then at the end of the year we look at what your turnover is and how much you have already paid. Any settlement takes place in such a way that the final annual amount paid is in line with the associated subscription rate.

Change subscription

Do you find out during or after the financial year that your turnover is higher than your subscription has as a limit or was this the case last year? Then adjust your subscription. You do this in three easy steps:

  1. ​​​​​​Log in to The Bookie Webapp and go to company name at the top left and click Settings
  2. Under the Subscription tab, click the Change subscription button
  3. Select the correct subscription here. This amount will be debited the next time.



There are multiple rates that are linked to a product name. However, this has nothing to do with the duration that your company exists.

ZZP € 12,000 < revenue <€ 60,000

If your company has an annual turnover that is larger than € 12,000 and less than € 60,000 ex VAT per year.

Ondernemer € 60,000 < revenue <€ 100,000

If your company has an annual turnover that is greater than € 60,000 and less than € 100,000 ex VAT per year.

Revenue >€ 100,000?

Read here how that works.

by Mari Last update: 10 Nov, 2021