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Above the 100.000€ revenue limit

What do I pay above the €100,000 turnover limit?

After the first year, we will look at the needs of you as a customer and the amount of work that your administration entails for us.

Within the subscription: additional consultations

If your needs and the amount of transactions are manageable, the work will continue to fit within the package and you can therefore keep your current subscription. It might be useful to plan one or more additional consults during the year where we will search for additional opportunities with regard to your specific needs. Costs for a consultation are € 95 ex vat per hour and can be scheduled directly on:

No subscription or additional services: hourly rate

If your company requires more attention and another systeem or your administration is much more work than what the package price of €600 ex. VAT per year is calculated on, then we will switch to work on an hourly basis (à €75 excl. VAT per hour) and in case needed, a more fitting system. This means that we will keep track of how many hours we spend on your administration and you will receive a specified invoice from us.



by Aleida Sjardijn Last update: 24 Feb, 2021