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Authorize without Activation Code

How can I authorize The Bookie if I have not received or lost the VIA?

As soon as we take care of your Income Tax return, we also apply for your SBA and VIA authorization in addition to the standard. After the Tax Authorities have received this request, they will send you two letters, one of them with an activation code can be send to us. If you haven't received it or lost it we can retreive the information in another way. Read how this works below.

Lost code

If you can no longer find the authorization code that we requested for you, you can do the following.

1. Go to and Log in with your Digid at Mijn Belastingdienst

2. Under Inkomstenbelasting (Income Tax), choose the Tax year 2020 menu or another relevant financial year

3. Click Aangifte Inkomstenbelasting doen. You will then end up with an empty declaration. No worries, we can still take care of your declaration. This is just a step in the authorization process.

4. Click on next until you reach the pre-filled data. If all goes well, you only get questions about your personal details and potentially about your tax partner. You can answer 'no' to these questions, we do not do anything with this declaration.

5. When you reach the pre-entered data, you will see a message with Vooraf Ingevulde Gegevens *je naam* (Pre-Entered Data *your name*). Click on Bekijk View).

6. You will now see a screen with the header Pre-filled in Data of * your name *. At the bottom right you see a button with Print. Click on this.

7. A new screen with a print preview opens. At the top left at goal / destination you see a list of printers/ways how you can save. Select Save as PDF.

8. The blue button on the left changes from Print to Save. Save this document with a name that makes sense to you. For example, it is most recognizable to call this document VIA * your name * .pdf

* If this doesn't work, just take a screenshot of the information and send this to us.

9. Please do not actually file the tax return!!

10. Send this document to your Bookie.

We can reduce these 9 steps to 1 if you send the authorization we request for you as a photo by e-mail or by post. It saves a few steps if you can make the authorization code work.

by Mari Last update: 07 Jul, 2021