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Invoices of The Bookie

Where can I find the invoices for The Bookie's subscription?

Of course your subscription with The Bookie is a business expense. This means that you will receive an invoice for every iDeal payment and automatically withdrawn monthly fee.

Where to Find

You will find these invoices a few days after the automatic payment, as soon as it has been verified by Mollie, in The Bookie Webapp.

By going to 'Administrative settings' in the yellow bar  to the left, below your company logo, you will arrive at your company details. Here you will find the Subscriptions tab.

As soon as you click on it, you will see an overview of the type of subscription that you have, the invoices that you have paid and, if applicable, also the debit (s) for which a collection has not been successful. You can immediately pay for the failed debit by clicking on the button and completing the payment with iDeal.

Invoice is uploaded automatically with expenses

You don't have to manually enter the invoices of your subscription in The Bookie Webapp any longer. As of July 2020, you will not only find the invoices under Subscription, but they will automatically be included with your expenses at the request of many customers.

Enter invoice into administration manually

Under Subscription you will find the invoices per month. By clicking on the invoice you download it and you can add it to your administration yourself. As of July 2020 these invoices are added automatically to your expenses. But in case you missed older invoices, please ensure that you add these expenses yourself.

If you have previously forgotten an invoice during a quarter, you can add them later in the same financial year.

by Mari Last update: 29 Jul, 2021