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15 minutes of Bookie: online or by phone

Can I also ask The Bookie questions about the IB Checklist?

The Bookie will take care of your income tax return. In The Bookie Webapp you can use the checklist Start Income Tax Return to easily provide everything we need to prepare your annual reports and to handle your income tax return. Read here how that works. 

It’s possible that you are new, that your situation has changed (tax partner, new house, paid employment, assets) and/or that you have extra questions. That is why we have an extra option to schedule 15 minutes online with your Bookie. Please only schedule an appointment after you’ve gone through the checklist and have supplied almost all of your documents. 

Don’t know which information is relevant for the Income Tax return? Then view this comprehensive overview.


Pick a date

By using this site you can easily choose a moment when you want to talk to your Bookie:

Please bear in mind that during the quarterly VAT declaration period in January, April, July and October, we’re super busy. This means we have less time to spend on income tax return questions, therefore we do not schedule IB checklist appointments. 



You don’t have to worry about the May first deadline, because being your accountant we’ve requested a standard postponement, provided that you have notified us on time with your Tax Return and your personal information. Read here how postponement works.


Location online appointment

Your Bookie will be waiting for you online at the agreed time and date on:

by Mari Last update: 10 Jul, 2020