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Make a Credit Invoice

When and how do I create a credit invoice?

Sometimes it is possible that your invoice has to be amended because the amount is incorrect, other agreements with the client were made, other information was incorrect or you waived the amount.

To keep your administration correct, you restore this with a credit invoice: an invoice with the amounts negative, aka with a - sign in front of it. Do not delete the previously sent invoice.

In The Bookie Webapp you prepare a regular invoice via the Invoice button on your Dashboard. You create a new invoice with a new invoice number, as you are used to, but you put the amounts that need to be adjusted negative on the invoice. So instead of invoicing € 300, enter - € 300 if that is the amount that you have to settle. 

With the possibility of additional information on the invoice, you write Credit invoice or Credit note. You send this credit invoice to the client and register it in your sales / income administration. The Bookie Webapp does this automatically. With that you cancel (a part of) the previously sent amount.

You then can, if necessary, create a new invoice with the correct information.

by Mari Last update: 15 Jul, 2021