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Check concept version Income tax return

What should I look for when checking my Income Tax report?

As soon as we have prepared your declaration for you, we will send a concept version of this annual financial report to you by e-mail. Please check this declaration and give us your approval.

Now we can imagine that you just don't know what to look for, so we've collected some tips for you:

  • Check your name and address details and of your tax partner and children should this apply.
  • Check whether the stated specification of your company is correct.
  • Have we mentioned the most important information in the tax declaration? Think of whether you have bought, sold or have a a house for sale, private assets, an inheritance, a car bought or sold, a debt balance, etc.
  • Have you received income from employment, a pension or another benefit? Check if it is stated.
  • Have you paid a premium for work-related insurance? Check if this is in it.
  • Check the questions at the bottom of the declaration and see if they are correct.

But what about all those calculations? All calculations in your IB declaration are based on the data that you have supplied. Either because you have worked with our app throughout the year or because you have shared your bookkeeping with us, the chance of errors in these calculations is minimal. It is useful to check if you see amounts that you do not recognize, or when the amount to be paid or received differs greatly from your expectations. You can then ask your Bookie about this.

by Aleida Sjardijn Last update: 01 Apr, 2021