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Functions of The Bookie Webapp

What can I do with The Bookie Webapp?

The Bookie Webapp has a free and a paid version. By creating a light version you can see what the layout of the app is, what you can expect and you can start with your first invoices. By activating a paid account you have access to all possibilities and with most subscriptions your administration is in direct contact with your Bookie.

1. Free - Light

  • create and send personalized invoices
  • the overview of your outstanding earnings and the totals on your Dashboard
  • revenues: quarterly specified invoices and the ability to register payments and send reminders
  • the ability to provide information for the income tax return

2. Paid - Self-employed and Entrepreneur (both sole proprietorship and VOF variant)

    Complementary to The Bookie Webapp

by Mari Last update: 27 Nov, 2020