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Change Bank Account

How can I change my account number?

Payment account for clients

If it is only the account number on which you are paid by your clients, you can easily adjust it in the app under Administration settings. Your number is automatically changed on your invoice.

Payment account for depreciation of The Bookie subscription

If you want to change your account number from which you pay us, you do this in two steps. Unfortunately we are not allowed to do it for you because of a legal guarantee, but you can easily do it yourself.

  1. To avoid a double payment, switch your account back to a free account after your most recent payment. Go to Administration Settings at the top left under your company name to the Subscription tab. Here you will find the button Change subscription, click on it. Now choose the free 'Basic' account. This will stop the old authorization.
    Then choose the same or a different term subscription (which better matches your turnover) and pay the first term of this via your new account. This way you'll give us permission for a new direct debit.


by Mari Last update: 26 Jan, 2021