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Wrong numbers with invoices

What should I do if the numbering on my invoices is no longer correct?

We sometimes hear from customers that where previously the numbering of the sales invoices ran automatically, something has now gone wrong with the numbering, so that they no longer automatically continue to count. There can be a number of reasons for this.

Draft/concept invoice

One of the reasons can be a draft invoice. If you count invoices automatically, The Bookie Webapp uses the first consecutive number for a concept invoice (for example 2018-053). If you then send a different invoice, The Bookie Webapp will use the following number (for example 2018-054). Such a number is missing in the system.


If you have to send an invoice that same day, you can re-use the draft invoice number (2018-053) and continue counting.

Manual adjustment of invoice numbers

By default, we use an invoice numbering that starts with the year to be followed by a numbering that increases (-001, -002, -003). As soon as you choose a numbering yourself, the counting is no longer automatic. You must therefore ensure that your invoices are administered chronologically by manually adjusting the numbers.

Unknown cause of invoice numbers

If you do not know what is causing the non-automatic addition, try manually entering the number you would like to use under the invoice number on your invoice. Experience shows that this almost always works. We say pretty much because it always works with us, but of course we can never be sure that this is always the case with everyone :)

by Mari Last update: 28 Mar, 2023