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Search function in The Bookie Webapp

How and where can I search in The Bookie Webapp?

Since your administration regularly contains outstanding invoices, recurring suppliers and suppliers who are also customers, we have developed an extensive search function. And as an extra, many sections, such as the outstanding income and expenses on your Dashboard, are clickable and give you extra insight and overview.

Search function: at the top of every page you can now easily search under your customers and suppliers.

Invoices and sales

View per supplier which invoices have been sent to that supplier, whether they are registered as paid and whether any drafts are still open.

Expenses and business expenses: receipts and invoices

See at a glance which expenses you have had, linked to this name and/or client or supplier.

Address book: contacts

See which contacts you have in your address book that are linked to your keyword.

Per contact: all paid and outstanding income and expenses Clicking on the company name will take you to the profile of the client or supplier. Here you can immediately see what the total turnover is (without VAT), what amount is outstanding in total (including VAT) and whether the contact both delivers and purchases.

Easily edit contact details

Via the second tab you can adjust the address details and contact person.

Overview of income and sales invoices

by Mari Last update: 11 Jul, 2023