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Recurring expenses without an invoice or receipt

How do I enter recurring expenses such as subscription, insurance and bank charges?

In general, you must have a receipt or invoice for all business costs as proof to the tax authorities. There are, however, a number of exceptions.


You can simply enter costs that are deducted as a subscription at Expenses. Read here how to enter a business expense. For this you can, for example, upload the copy as proof. If these are recurring charges of the same contract with the same costs, you do not have to upload a proof every time.

Bank charges

At the end of the year, you provide us with an annual overview of your business bank account. To ensure that your bank costs are also included, you can choose to also enter your bank costs at the end of the financial year for your Q4 administration.


You do not always receive an invoice for professional liability insurance, business liability insurance or contents insurance either. You enter those costs in the same way as explained above. Here you could also add the signed policy, provided the total amount is also mentioned.

Please note that there is often no VAT on these costs.

by Mari Last update: 28 Oct, 2021