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I got an error message. How do I solve this?

Many error messages occur due to typing or carelessness errors. For example, a bank account sometimes lacks a number, a telephone number consists of 11 digits, a VAT number is listed with a kvk number or the requirements of a password or image are not met. Of course, this can happen to the best of us, but sometimes it can be solved quickly. Still, you may not be able to figure it out yourself. That is why we have written down the most common error messages below. Still can't figure it out? Then please mail to or call us at 030 2072077.

Page crashes

When creating or modifying your Bookie Account you selected a paid subscription, but the payment was not completed. The system will keep you on your Account page so you can complete the payment or downgrade your Account to light.

Error uploading logo

You can upload three types of files: jpg, jpeg and png. If it is one of those files, first double check if the size and resolution are sufficient. If it still doesn't work, please mail your logo including your administration details to with a request for help.

Error changing password

Your password resembles your other personal information, is shorter than 8 characters, has been used before or consists entirely of numbers. And none of this is allowed or possible.

by Mari Last update: 28 Mar, 2023