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Contact person at The Bookie: who is my accountant?

Who is my contact person at The Bookie and files my declarations?

For general questions you can visit 24/7: this FAQ site which you can find via the Help button at the top of The Bookie Webapp. It could be that you have a specific question that is not answered yet. In that case you can always email or call us on 030 2072077.

From January 1, 2020 we will work in small Bookie teams at The Bookie. There will be 3 accountants in this team who are responsible for your administration. Together we are available 5 days a week (we all work 32 hours a week on different days), file your VAT returns, take care of your annual documents and file income tax return. These Bookies will be at The Bookie Borrel, every quarter to assist you.

In addition, you can always schedule a consultation outside of your subscription if you would like to discuss a complex tax issue in detail, such as your Fiscal Retirement Reserve (FOR) or investments, a mortgage issue or other financial challenge. Plan your consultation via this link:

Don't I have one accountant?

We used to work with a personal accountant. However, this turned out to be a number of hooks and eyes. As you know, we're grow as a company and do everything we can to continuously improve our service. After extensive consideration to be able to continue to guarantee both the quality and the continuity of our work, we have decided to make ourselves collectively responsible for your administration and declarations in Bookie subteams. You can always ask us what our considerations have been, why we think that this new situation works even better and what possible bottlenecks we think we will deal with.

by Mari Last update: 24 Apr, 2021