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Partners | Connections between other software

We work together with a number of programs that also generate invoices themselves and/or send them to customers and clients.

We hate to do the same things twice, so to avoid the extra work, we have made a connection between the programs. This way  invoices sent from their software will be sent directly to your Bookie Webapp. You only need to activate this link. Read below which companies these are and how to set up the link.


MijnDiad is practice software for therapists, coaches. This allows you to make online appointments, keep track of your customer base, regulate processes and also send your invoices. By linking, all invoices and payments you make in MijnDiAd are automatically entered in The Bookie. Read here how to make the connection.

Flex Onderwijs and Flex Docent

Flex Onderwijs facilitates contact between schools and the self-employed without dependence on an intermediary. For example, they give the opportunity to competent self-employed persons (teacher, lecturer, RT, IB, director, advisor, supervisor, support worker, organiser) to temporarily commit themselves so that educational staff are retained or return to paid employment. Without dependence and without high costs.

By linking, all invoices and payments that you send from Flex Onderwijs are automatically entered in The Bookie. Read here how to make the link.

by Mari Last update: 28 Mar, 2023