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Charities, gift and donation

How do I process charities that I support in my administration? 

If you made donations or gifts during the year, you can send them to your Bookie at the end of the year while filling out the IB checklist. There are regular donations and periodical donations. The first depend on your income (how much is deductible). Read here what the Belastingdienst says about this. It is also possible that your donation is related to marketing, because your logo is visible in print or something similar. In that case they are directly related regular business expenses, which you enter in The Bookie Webapp.

The periodic gifts are fully deductible, but you must meet the following requirements:
- Gift to an ANBI. Read more about General benefit institutions and when there are tax benefits here. (Dutch only)
- Notarized / mutually agreed with contract.
- For at least 5 years with commitment until it ends

Note: Gifts of children's stamps are often not deductible, because there is a quid pro quo in return (namely a sheet of frivolous stamps).

Do you want to promote your own social interest?

Read more about the possibilities here. (Dutch only)

by Mari Last update: 17 Nov, 2020