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Categories | How do I adjust cost categories and items?

How do I adjust the cost items for my administration?

Sections or cost categories

Sections or cost categories are the subjects of the relevant service, such as purchased workwear is placed under cost item 'workwear' and a company car under 'car'.

The Bookie Webapp has 4000 different cost categories. We have made a selection of the most used ones in The Bookie Webapp. You can change and remove these at any time. Click directly on the blue square next to the item in your edition. You will be redirected to the cost categories.

Personalizing cost categories

Under Administration Settings in the left sidebar you will find a heading 'Costs Categories'. Here you can select cost categories for your expenses. If you need extra items, you can add them here. Don't forget to save the form to finalize your choice.

Untraceable cost category

If the cost category looks like something you're looking for, then put it there. If the category was wrongfully used, it will be corrected by your Bookie. Are you really struggling with these cost categories? Then drop by at the next Bookie Drink and we'll set your costs to match your expenses. In a hurry? Please contact your Bookie.

by Mari Last update: 30 Mar, 2023